Where to Find Womens Tall Pants

If you are an ultra-tall woman, what does that mean? It means that shopping for clothes is probably not your favorite past time, as you are a minority. Most ultra-tall women require jeans with inseam lengths of 36-38 inches long. So clothes shopping with your average height friends is a bit challenging. I feel your pain, as I am also an ultra tall woman. So, where can we shop? Well, we could just keep buying men’s jeans as the men’s clothing companies realize there are lots of tall men in the world. If you prefer more figure flattering pants, here are a few great clothing stores for you to try:

1. Tall Etc. is a clothing chain with 8 stores nationwide. They also have a great Internet website with tall women’s pants and jeans up to 38 inches long. They have casual tall pants as well as tall career pants.

2. Long Tall Sally is a UK company with many stores throughout the UK. They also offer worldwide delivery. They have stylish women’s tall pants up to 38 inches long. They also feature some longer length shirts, skirts, coats, and pajamas.

3. Designs by Stephene is another great store for tall women. They are a designer jean boutique that carries extra long designer jeans for tall women or tall men. I personally recommend their “7 For All Mankind” brand as they look great on most figures.

Now that you have these options, what are you waiting for? Go and get some tall pants that flatter your figure and are long enough!