Tall Themed T-Shirts

I was browsing through Zazzle today and noticed they have lots of tall themed t-shirts. A lot of them are kind of cheesy, but some of them are kind of fun.  I just wish they sold these t-shirts in real tall sizes. Grr!  Anyway, here are  a few shirts I like and maybe you will too:

six six

They have a lot of these t-shirts that display your height. I actually thought of designing similar ones, but they beat me to it.

giraffe t-shirtGiraffe T-Shirt

love tall women t-shirt

Keep Calm & Love Tall Women – love this shirt as long as it’s not worn by a creepy short guy that want’s to dance.

do you play mini golf t-shirt

No! Do you play mini golf? Haven’t we all wanted to say this?

i love tall men

I Love Tall Men – yes it’s true!

tall snob t-shirt

Tall Snob T-Shirt – of course I had to try my hand at my favorite logo.

They have many more styles. Have fun with your height! Would you wear one of these shirts?

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