Yearbook – Tall Edition

This past August, we moved to Utah one day before school started. We made the decision to move only 10 days earlier, so it was quite a shock to our family. My kids literally didn’t know one other person when they started school. They grew up in a small town in Colorado so moving to a much bigger place, this was a HUGE move for them. I know they were scared to death and angry that we moved – especially the teenagers.

So today, I’m feeling very relieved that we made it through the school year and guess what??? THEY ACTUALLY SURVIVED! And, they love it! Who would have thunk it?

I was looking through my 14 year old’s yearbook and it seems that everyone needs to make some kind of reference to his height. At 14 he is 6’2″ and still growing. He actually does look at least a head taller than all of his friends. Plus, he’s very thin, which I think makes him look even taller. I thought you could relate to some of these yearbook entries:

tall sayings for tall people

As a family, we actually get a kick out of people saying something about our tallness. We take it all in stride. It’s quite hilarious when you see us all together – 2 tall parents, 4 tall boys and 1 tiny Asian Princess.  Life is good!

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