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Women’s Trendy Tall Jeans for Fall

By Krista Mayne

I am a tall woman and I love jeans. Until recently tall jeans were very hard to find. Online shopping is definitely the best bet for finding tall jeans as many of the stores only offer their tall sizes online. I don’t mind online shopping as I can usually find great deals and lots of free shipping offers on the Internet. I have researched tall jeans extensively and here are some of the hottest trendy tall jeans for fall that I have found.

The two hottest trends in tall jeans this fall are wide leg tall jeans and straight leg tall jeans. Both jeans give your leg a nice clean line and make your waist look smaller. They also disguise troubled thigh areas. I recommend some with stretch and a nice sheen.

Another trend in tall jeans for fall is gray colored jeans. Gray is the new black for fall so make sure you pick up a pair of gray tall jeans. Try a pair of gray jeans with some great hardware and metallic stitching. Boot-cut tall jeans are always a wonderful choice, as they never go out of style. There are plenty of boot-cut tall jeans this season and dark tall jeans look especially nice, as they can be dressed up or down depending on your mood.

Designer tall jeans are popular this fall in some great brands such as Hudson, Joe’s Jeans and Seven for All Mankind. They are made from quality materials that hold up over time. If you haven’t tried a designer tall jean, it may be time for you to splurge and get yourself a pair, as you won’t believe how great they make you look!

This fall there are plenty of choices in women’s trendy tall jeans with inseams up to 38 inches long so start surfing the Internet and find some trendy tall jeans that fit.

Visit Tall Clothing Mall at – a great resource for tall men and tall women looking for tall clothing. This website was created by Krista Mayne, after she became frustrated by the amount of time she spent trying to find tall clothing. She has created a special section of tall jeans categorized by inseam lengths.

Accessories that Look Terrific on Tall Women

By Krista Mayne

There is nothing more beautiful than a tall woman who knows how to dress well! However, there is not much tall style advice available for tall women. The best tip I can give you is to keep everything in proportion to your tall size. Since you are larger than most of the population, you accessories should be larger too. Here are a few great tips on what accessories look best on tall women.

Tall women look terrific is large hoop earrings, and dangling long earrings. Never wear stud earrings or small hoops as they will look out of proportion with your face and will only make you look larger.

Long necklaces are especially flattering on tall women. You can definitely pull off a chunky bead necklace or a necklace with a funky large pendant. Long layers of pearls wrapped into several strand look stunning on tall women.

As far as bags and wallets go, the bigger the better. Tall women carrying little purses, look terrible! When choosing a bag, remember the 3 B’s – big, bright, or bodacious. You can get away with any style of bag as long as it is long or wide. If you choose a pattern on your bag or purse, make sure the stripes, patterns and dots are very large. Solids are also a great option and bright, big bags are especially great for tall women. A bright, colorful bag is a way to add some interesting variety to your wardrobe.

Wide belts are great accessories for tall women. Don’t even think of wearing narrow belts, as this will make your torso look extra long. A wide belt will hide a lot of trouble areas and give you a great silhouette.

Have fun with accessories. They are a great way to add a pop of color and make an average outfit transform into a stunning tall outfit.


Tall Women’s Clothing Trends for Fall

By Krista Mayne

As a tall woman, I have struggled my whole life with fashion trends. Many of the fads look ridiculous on my tall stature. However, I love to look trendy without looking like I have tried too hard. Here are some of the current fashion trends for fall that I can incorporate to look great with my height.

1. Grey is the new black of the season. Grey pants, grey tall jeans or a grey shirt are the foundation pieces for any tall women’s fall wardrobe.

2. Texture is really hot this season. Get some large handbags and large purses with lots of texture. Some of my favorites are the new quilted handbags in bold colors, animal printed bags and belts and shiny items. Play up your accessories with lots of texture, but remember to keep the patterns big to balance out your tall proportions.

3. There are many women’s tall jeans on the market this fall. Two of the hottest trends are straight leg tall jeans and wide leg tall jeans. They look hot on just about any figure- whether you are tall and thin or a little on the heavy side. If you get these jeans in gray, you will be a “Tall Fashionista”.

4. Bold graphic prints are still in style for fall, which is great news for tall women. Graphic prints can be found everywhere and most of them are in large patterns. Large patterns are key, as they look great on tall women. Small patterns will make you look out of balance, so avoid them.

This fall, tall women have lots of great tall clothing options that will work great with our tall statures.

Visit Tall Clothing Mall at – a great resource for tall men and tall women looking for tall clothing,plus size clothing,big and tall clothing,tall maternity, and large size shoes. This website was created by Krista Mayne, after she became frustrated by the amount of time she spent trying to find tall clothing.

Where to Find Womens Tall Pants

If you are an ultra-tall woman, what does that mean? It means that shopping for clothes is probably not your favorite past time, as you are a minority. Most ultra-tall women require jeans with inseam lengths of 36-38 inches long. So clothes shopping with your average height friends is a bit challenging. I feel your pain, as I am also an ultra tall woman. So, where can we shop? Well, we could just keep buying men’s jeans as the men’s clothing companies realize there are lots of tall men in the world. If you prefer more figure flattering pants, here are a few great clothing stores for you to try:

1. Tall Etc. is a clothing chain with 8 stores nationwide. They also have a great Internet website with tall women’s pants and jeans up to 38 inches long. They have casual tall pants as well as tall career pants.

2. Long Tall Sally is a UK company with many stores throughout the UK. They also offer worldwide delivery. They have stylish women’s tall pants up to 38 inches long. They also feature some longer length shirts, skirts, coats, and pajamas.

3. Designs by Stephene is another great store for tall women. They are a designer jean boutique that carries extra long designer jeans for tall women or tall men. I personally recommend their “7 For All Mankind” brand as they look great on most figures.

Now that you have these options, what are you waiting for? Go and get some tall pants that flatter your figure and are long enough!