Are Tall People Being Discriminated Against in Stores?

I just got back from a few days in Las Vegas. My husband was attending the “World of Concrete Convention”. Another couple from work went with us. I thought I’d be a supportive wife and attend the convention with my husband. After about 2 hours I couldn’t take it anymore. I was so bored and so was Debbie, the other wife attending the convention.
So we escaped to the mall. I hate shopping in the mall as there is rarely anything that fits me. However, they did have a few department stores that sometime carry longer length clothing, so shopping had to be better than looking at another concrete display.
Debbie is short and a petite size 4. We determined our best shopping strategy would be to enter a store, split up and shop, then meet up before leaving the store. This worked well for us.
At the end of our shopping trip, Debbie was elated at having found a pair of comfy tennis shoes and a few tops. I was very disappointed as none of the stores carried size 12 shoes or anything that was proportioned correctly for my tall frame.
One thing I did notice is that in the 4 major department stores we visited, none of the sales ladies offered me any help. They had plenty of sales people, but they seemed to ignore that fact that I was standing in front of them. This is not a new phenomenon. I experience this discrimination frequently. I chock it up to the fact, that most “average sized sales people” don’t know how to dress a tall woman.
When I questioned Debbie about the sales people in the stores she visited, she said she was asked 2-4 times if she needed help in each store. Clearly there has to be discrimation as we visited the exact same stores.
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