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krista mayne tall clothing mallMy name is Krista and I am a tall woman (6’2″) tall and am married to a tall man (6’4″).

When I started Tall Clothing Mall, I lived in a rural area with almost no access to shopping. The nearest mall was two hours away.

I know live close to Park City, Utah. The shopping is closer, yet, I’m still completely frustrated by the lack of tall size clothing. For years, I have bought our clothing online. I have found it extremely hard to find stylish tall clothing through the standard search engines. Over the years, I have compiled lists of tall clothing stores. Finally, I decided to publish this list for you, my family and all my tall friends.

This hobby website has evolved and is now the leader in helping tall people look great!  I hope that Tall Clothing Mall is helpful to you and allows you to find some stylish clothing that actually fits.

I also love sports, meddling with photography,  hanging out with my 5 kiddos, I’m obsessed withHawaii and I’m pretty quirky!

If you love my website, please shop through the links so I can keep this website running for you. Please tell all of your tall friends.  We {the tall community} would love to hear any suggestions on how to improve my website. Have fun and happy shopping!

Here’s a rundown of the websites:

Tall Clothing Mall is for shopping site for tall women and tall men with the special categories sections such as tall jeans by lengths, tall coats, etc. Consider it your online tall mall.

Tall Snob Store – is our own store featuring longer length clothes for tall men and women.

Thank you for visiting my site. May you stand tall and have a wonderful day!

Contact me if you need help finding something special, have a recommendation or need to ask a question.

Mailing Address:

Tall Clothing Mall, LLC
562 E 260 S
Midway, UT 84049

(435) 709-8656

Krista Mayne is on Google+




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