I recommend "The Great Dalmuti" card game for a fun date night!!!

My husband and I had such a great date night this weekend. I love date nights because I just enjoy being with my husband. About every six weeks we have a group date night with 6 couples. Friday night was our “Dal Muti” night. These are some of our funnest dates. We always have a theme potluck and this time it was Mexican food. We had a taco bar, enchiladas, chips and dip, and sopapillas. Yummy! After dinner we play a silly card game called Dal Muti, but we play it with a twist. After each hand of cards, you have to change seats. Your object is to get rid of your cards first, thus you become the Great Dal Muti. We play this game with hilarious wigs and hats. Each time we change seats, we leave our wig or hat on the seat and put on a new one on at our new seat. Yes, it’s crazy and we feel like we are all teenagers again, but it is a blast. When we explain to our kids what we do, they are quite perplexed but it is reassuring to them to know that their parents love each other and have fun together. After all, that is probably the best gift we can give our kids – a happy marriage!

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