Make Your Own Custom Jeans

If you haven’t checked out Make Your Own Jeans in a while, perhaps it’s time to give them another look. They have some of the most affordable custom made jeans for men and women. At only $49 a pair, you can’t beat their prices. Two years ago I ordered a pair of custom made white jeans. I thought the whole process went rather well and I was satisfied with the product. I think it took close to a month to get the product, so that was the drawback, but it was worth the wait.
I’ll bet you didn’t know that they also offer: custom made shirts, custom made suits, jackets, vests, pants, skirts, shorts, and I’ve probably missed some other items!

I recently spoke with Harry, the owner of Make Your Own Jeans. Here are the tips he gave me on how to get a custom fit for tall people:

  • “Each product page has the gender field where you can choose male or female , our designers give the cut to the garments accordingly.
  • For the custom made suits length , one can enter the length field any length he or she wants and if someone wants to give specific armhole measurements they can give it in the comment box of the product page. Feel free to use the comment box to describe any specific measurements you need.
  • For ordering shirts or for any other garments, just give the measurements and we will make it accordingly. For a more accurate fit, we are now accepting “FIX” measurements too for our shirts. On the chest and stomach area you can specify the exact chest and stomach measurement you want.”

Visit Tall Clothing Mall for more choices in Custom Made Jeans.

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