Resort Wear Must Haves for Her (Part II)

As promised, here is Part II of Resort Wear Must Haves for Her.
resortwear must haves clothing for tall women
Swimsuit cover-up (item 105480) So this look is based around this denim button up dress repurposed as a swimsuit cover up. I just love the thought of this dress, unbuttoned over this sexy bikini or even the red one piece featured in part I. It’s a little unexpected and so chic. (But because I’m totally indecisive, I also included this dress as a swimsuit cover up. It’s lightweight and could obviously double as a sundress since that’s its original purpose).
Bikini. So I realize not everyone can pull off a sexy bikini. I’m 6 months post baby and right there with you! BUT if you can, there’s no time like a vacation to pull out a sexy two piece and go for it. My personal style is fairly conservative but I like this number because it’s not in-your-face sexy yet still gets the point across. 😉
Shades. I love these. Gray is everywhere right now and I love that it matches black and brown. While I love oversized shades I think this pair is more classic while still being stylish and achieving that totally put together look.
Wedges. As I said in part one if I hadn’t gone with a gladiator version of a sandal, I would have chosen a wedge. Well I now I have. Cork or Espadrille is especially perfect for an island-y feel. This pair goes up to a size 13.
Necklace. I must admit I searched and searched for a wooden beaded necklace. I always pack (or wear) one when I go on vacation. The natural element seems perfect for a beachy scene and wood matches everything. However, while searching I came across this little necklace. Most vacations include water and the anchor is an oh-so-cute nod to that. Just like wood, gold matches everything (even silver!) so you can pack light but still feel ‘finished’ when you throw on a pretty necklace. As a side note, it’s totally okay to mix metals (actually encouraged). Can’t remember who said it (some stylist to the celebrities?) but “mixing metals = modern.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!
Comfy Shoes. While wedges and gladiator sandals are adorable, they’re not necessarily the best for sightseeing or being on your feet for any length of time. If you’re under 30, you can ignore this (there’s something about being young that makes pain to your feet a bearable cost of beauty!), but for the rest of us, make sure to pack a comfy pair of shoes. Now while comfort is paramount, I am just not ok with wearing running shoes on vacation (unless I’m actually running). Hey maybe when I’m in my 40s I’ll change my mind- perhaps the for forsaking style for comfort thing is gradual, but for now, I refuse. This pair of Chucks is comfy (especially if you add an insole and a pair of no show socks) but still cute.
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