Diary of a Tall Fashionista: Bermuda shorts- the answer to the shorts shortage

By: Tiffany DeLangie (Fashion Stylist at Tall Clothing Mall)

Summer, and all that it entails– BBQs, pool parties, jogging outdoors, going to the park, or just hanging out in the backyard by the chimnea—is almost here! One of the things I love about summer is the chance to wear light, bright, breezy clothes. While I love sweaters, coats, and have an insane boot fetish, there’s something about putting on a strappy tank top, or a fun flirty dress that lifts my mood. Now if only the ‘something’ that lifts my spirits could lift other things that need it, my collection of push up bras would not be necessary…but I digress. Of all the fun flirty clothes we get to don in the summer, I don’t see very many tall women (or short women for that matter) in shorts. I once read a statistic in a fashion magazine that only 20% of women wear shorts. I know fashion magazines make these “facts” up, but I believe that one! And I’d bet that the percentage of tall women who wear shorts is even lower. So, why don’t we tall gals show off our long legs? Aren’t they are supposed to be the envy of other women? Perhaps other women are experiencing the same phenomenon that I have. In the last ten years a strange thing has happened to my legs. The hamstring muscle that I used to see while checking out my rearview seems to have vanished! Oh, wait- there it is…hiding behind this new found cellulite! (Apparently even tall fashionistas have to work out. Who knew?). Even though I’m tall and the weight has more surfaces on which to fall, it sometimes decides to rest on the back of my thighs…which 3 ½ inch inseam shorts highlight…which is exactly what I don’t want. First off, I am afraid to cross my legs in short shorts for fear that the cellulite will be exposed and the paparazzi will photograph and highlight it in In Touch magazine. Ok, so I’m not Tyra but I still have my pride! Secondly, I make an attempt at modesty (isn’t it a lost art?).
women's bermuda shortsSo, while I might not be fit as a fiddle and modesty has gone the way of pop culture princesses’ panties, I refuse to give up shorts! Retailers are getting the hint that not everyone is keen on the itty bitty short trend and have begun offering shorts in a variety of inseams. Many retailers have 3 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch, and 9 inch inseams. And some even offer longer length shorts in inseams ranging from 13 to 18 inches. The latter (Bermuda shorts) are my favorite! I’m all about balancing youth with class… [style tip] no matter how old you get, you should strive for a youthful appearance but avoid “trying to look young.” I know it’s a bit of a conundrum, but the point is to wear the trend (a trend is something that is popular; ladies if no one else is wearing it, you probably shouldn’t be either!) that works for you. In terms of selecting the right longer length Bermuda shorts, consider the fit, material, and length. You can find them in low rise or mid rise, in twill or denim. There are dressy options and sporty options. I like pairing something sporty with a more feminine top for an unexpected look. And the great thing about longer length Bermuda shorts is that rather than exploiting your height, they compliment it. They emphasize your long legs and give them a nice, lean appearance. They cover all the problem areas, while leaving the calf and ankle exposed. If you really want to be daring, you can even throw on some heels for a sexy, fun look. Yes, Bermudas are difficult to pull off…but not for women with long legs. So tall ladies, take advantage of the fact that you have legs for days and let’s ban together to stop the shorts shortage!

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