Summer Staples: Womens Tall Shorts and V-Neck Tees

True confessions! I haven’t owned a pair of shorts in years because I’ve gravitated more toward skirts and dresses for the summer.  After seeing how fabulous several other tall ladies look in shorts, I’ve decided it’s high time I try to find some for myself.

To ease myself into shorts-wearing, I’ve been keeping an eye out for some long-length shorts that fall just above the knee. These tall walking shorts from Ann Taylor seem perfect because I would be able to dress them up or down. The 98% cotton fabric is ideal for hot summer days and the 2% spandex would add to the comfort and make for a flattering fit.

For a casual look, I paired the shorts with a tall striped v-neck tee.  To add a touch of glam, I layered a couple of gold necklaces and finished off the look with a pair of gold sandals and a pretty bracelet.   I could see myself running errands in this outfit or meeting up with friends for lunch.  For a dressier look, I’d switch out the flat sandals for some high-heeled sandals or wedges and replace the t-shirt with a pretty blouse.

Based on the rave reviews of the shorts and the current sale price, they are a great find!

womens tall shorts and tee

Striped Tall T-Shirt.    Womens Tall Shorts.  Short knot Necklace.   Long Pendant.  Beaded Bracelet.    Sandals.

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What Do You Need Help Finding?

If you’re having a hard time finding a tall clothing item or pair of shoes, please contact me and I will do my best to help you find it.

Case in Point

On Twitter I saw Tamu, a tall lady say she was having a hard time finding an affordable pair of sexy high heels in a size 12. I offered to help her find some shoes. After a brief correspondence, I found she wanted some very high heels in a nude color to match her skin tone. Immediately, I set out to help her since I also wear a size 12 shoe and realize sometimes it’s just a huge pain to find great looking shoes without trying them on. I directed Tamu to our special women’s shoe section as we already have a special page with nude colored shoe options. I added a few more choices for her and she found a pair she craved and placed her order.
Today on Twitter, she thanked me saying, “@tallclothingmal Thank you for helping me find my shoes. I love them!!!” and showed me the picture. Don’t her legs look fabulous in those shoes?
size 12 nude high heelsI get great satisfaction in helping my tall friends find items you are searching for. So, send me an email and see if I can help you. Consider me your tall personal shopper!

Diary of a Tall Fashionista: Tall Leggings for Tall Ladies

By Tiffany DeLangie – Tall Fashion Writer for Tall Clothing Mall

You know you’re getting old when trends you wore as a tween become trendy again. And so it begins. I remember looking at pictures of my mom in bell bottoms and saying “I’ll never wear those.” In her infinite wisdom my mom chided, “Never say never.” Shortly thereafter, I bought my first pair of bell bottoms. I didn’t so much care about the bell bottom; I was more in love with the fact that they actually covered my ankle. Well so the story goes with leggings. I remember wearing them when I was about 10…and I loved them. And now I’m…well not 10, and I love them again. True, it’s trickier wearing them now than when I had toothpicks for legs and absolutely no derriere. But still, it’s doable.

zebra tall leggingsIf you think you can’t wear leggings because you’re too tall or too not-the-Olsen-twins, think again. With a few simple tips you’ll look fabulous and cutting edge. First, as tall ladies the most important thing is to find tall leggings that are the right length. I love cropped pants as much as the next sister, but don’t try to pass off ‘normal’ leggings (and by that I mean those made for the average woman) as cropped. If you’re going to wear cropped go all the way! If not, finding the perfect pair of tall leggings is just a click away. As long as the leggings reach your ankle, you’re golden. During winter you may be tempted to buy ‘normal’ leggings to wear with tall or slouchy boots, but winter is almost over and I promise if you invest in a pair of fabulous, quality, tall leggings, you’ll be thrilled when Spring and Summer arrive and you can wear your tall leggings with ballet flats and sandals. So, say it with me, “I will not settle for ‘average.’ I am not average and shun the insinuation. I will purchase tall leggings and I will love them.” I hate to resort to borderline hypnosis but rule #1 is very important.

Secondly, don’t be overwhelmed at the thought of wearing tall leggings. You don’t have to go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe to make them work. One of the easiest ways to wear tall leggings is simply to wear them as you would tights. You may be thinking “Why don’t I just wear tights?” The answer is because tights arelace tall leggings expected. Remember we are not average! So boost the cool factor by mixing in an unexpected item in your ensemble. The other great thing about tall leggings is they extend your wardrobe and allow you to wear pieces that you typically couldn’t. For instance, when you find that cute little sheath dress on the clearance rack and lament because it’s too short to wear in real life, now you can throw it over a pair of tall leggings and be done with it! I have many of those dresses, most of which I paid next to nothing for and they make a simple, yet stylish outfit paired with tall leggings. Tunic length shirts, blouses, and tops are all over the place right now and also do the trick, which leads me to my next point.

Let’s keep it clean and classy. If you are a tiny dancer (not in an Elton John way, but in a “that girl must be a dancer because I could bounce a quarter off of her…” way) or a celebrity, you can wear tall leggings with anything and get away with it. As for the other 99% of us, I suggest covering any unsightly lumps, bumps, and dimples (sorry to be so graphic, but I gotta keep it real) with a sheath dress, a tunic top, or a long jacket. You can find these items in tall sizes at just a click away. If you are daring, try tall liquid leggings (also called leather leggings) with a tunic length mens’ shirt and sneakers, ankle boots, or heels–a perfect marriage of edge and class.

Whatever you choose to pair with your tall leggings, I hope you’re inspired to find the perfect pair of tall leggings that suit your style, shape, and budget.

Diary of a Tall Fashionista: Bermuda shorts- the answer to the shorts shortage

By: Tiffany DeLangie (Fashion Stylist at Tall Clothing Mall)

Summer, and all that it entails– BBQs, pool parties, jogging outdoors, going to the park, or just hanging out in the backyard by the chimnea—is almost here! One of the things I love about summer is the chance to wear light, bright, breezy clothes. While I love sweaters, coats, and have an insane boot fetish, there’s something about putting on a strappy tank top, or a fun flirty dress that lifts my mood. Now if only the ‘something’ that lifts my spirits could lift other things that need it, my collection of push up bras would not be necessary…but I digress. Of all the fun flirty clothes we get to don in the summer, I don’t see very many tall women (or short women for that matter) in shorts. I once read a statistic in a fashion magazine that only 20% of women wear shorts. I know fashion magazines make these “facts” up, but I believe that one! And I’d bet that the percentage of tall women who wear shorts is even lower. So, why don’t we tall gals show off our long legs? Aren’t they are supposed to be the envy of other women? Perhaps other women are experiencing the same phenomenon that I have. In the last ten years a strange thing has happened to my legs. The hamstring muscle that I used to see while checking out my rearview seems to have vanished! Oh, wait- there it is…hiding behind this new found cellulite! (Apparently even tall fashionistas have to work out. Who knew?). Even though I’m tall and the weight has more surfaces on which to fall, it sometimes decides to rest on the back of my thighs…which 3 ½ inch inseam shorts highlight…which is exactly what I don’t want. First off, I am afraid to cross my legs in short shorts for fear that the cellulite will be exposed and the paparazzi will photograph and highlight it in In Touch magazine. Ok, so I’m not Tyra but I still have my pride! Secondly, I make an attempt at modesty (isn’t it a lost art?).
women's bermuda shortsSo, while I might not be fit as a fiddle and modesty has gone the way of pop culture princesses’ panties, I refuse to give up shorts! Retailers are getting the hint that not everyone is keen on the itty bitty short trend and have begun offering shorts in a variety of inseams. Many retailers have 3 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch, and 9 inch inseams. And some even offer longer length shorts in inseams ranging from 13 to 18 inches. The latter (Bermuda shorts) are my favorite! I’m all about balancing youth with class… [style tip] no matter how old you get, you should strive for a youthful appearance but avoid “trying to look young.” I know it’s a bit of a conundrum, but the point is to wear the trend (a trend is something that is popular; ladies if no one else is wearing it, you probably shouldn’t be either!) that works for you. In terms of selecting the right longer length Bermuda shorts, consider the fit, material, and length. You can find them in low rise or mid rise, in twill or denim. There are dressy options and sporty options. I like pairing something sporty with a more feminine top for an unexpected look. And the great thing about longer length Bermuda shorts is that rather than exploiting your height, they compliment it. They emphasize your long legs and give them a nice, lean appearance. They cover all the problem areas, while leaving the calf and ankle exposed. If you really want to be daring, you can even throw on some heels for a sexy, fun look. Yes, Bermudas are difficult to pull off…but not for women with long legs. So tall ladies, take advantage of the fact that you have legs for days and let’s ban together to stop the shorts shortage!

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