How to Appear Shorter

how to appear shorter

Lately, I have come across many online articles on ways to appear shorter. I personally don’t get it. Why not just accentuate the positive? But, for those of you tall people desperate to look shorter, here are my top 10 humorous suggestions that I found online of ways to make yourself appear shorter. Enjoy!


10. Mix light and dark shades. Pairing a dark shirt with light pants, or vice verse, will shorten your body. Avoid short shorts at all costs!

9. If you wear shirts that have stripes, wear them horizontally. Instead of looking taller, you will look more fat.

8. Kneel and strap your shoes to your knees. It’s a bit difficult to walk, but you will definitely look shorter.

7. Have Chuck Norris roundhouse kick your legs. You’ll lose like 6 inches off em.

6. Hmmm, maybe try hanging out with pro basketball players, they’ll make us look downright petite.

5. You might try looking in a trick mirror, bending your knees, trimming the bottoms of your feet, wearing horizontal striped shirts, or being persistent at sitting down.

4. To appear shorter, lower your pants down your waist so that they appear baggy around your ankles. Wear a long coat and let it hang open so that you seem less vertical. Carry bulky accessories and slouch your shoulders in.

3. A slouched stance will make you look shorter, not to mention insecure.

2. Make your surroundings bigger so you seem smaller. Buy large furniture, tall counter tops, use wide doorways, drive a truck and not a little car.

1. Just sit down.

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