Tall Personal Shopper: Soccer Shorts for Tall Thin Guy

I received a request to try and help find some longer length soccer shorts for a tall teen. He is 6’4″ tall and has a 32″ waist.

Soccer shorts generally do not have a long length.  The longest inseam I can find are about a 10″, which is not very long. I hope I’m not off base, but I suggest you go with basketball shorts.  I think it’s better to have longer shorts to avoid the “bird legs look”, then to have the so called “soccer shorts”. The basketball shorts have longer inseams and look similar to many styles of soccer shorts.  Here are some I suggest:
Hoop Shorts
Hoop Shorts 12″ inseam
Rose adizero Tech Shorts
adiPower Dwight Howard Shorts
Pro Model 3 Hype Shorts
Nike - Hustle Short (Black/White/White) - Apparel
Nike - Spike 11 Short (Black/Anthracite/Reflective Silver) - Apparel