Tall Personal Shopper: Men’s 40 Inseam Jeans With Small Waist

I received a tall personal shopper request from a 6’8″ man. He is 48 year olds and is looking for jeans with a 40″ inseam length and his waist size is 33″. He’s looking for jeans that aren’t too high rise and that flatter his non-existant behind.  (Sorry that last part made me laugh, as is doesn’t matter if we’re male or female, we all want a great looking butt!)

My recommendation is for you to try out a pair of Cinch Jeans as I’ve gotten great feedback regarding them from many tall guys. These two pairs are available in your size.

jeans for tall thin guys

If they sell out in your size above, you can also find them here and here.

View more choices in men’s 40″ inseam jeans. Would love any feedback from any other tall, thin guys with brands of jeans they love.

Jeans for Tall, Thin Guys up to 40" Inseam

Cinch Men's Jeans for Tall Thin Guys up to 40 Inseam Jeans
If you’re a tall, thin guy it used to be impossible to find jeans that fit. But, not anymore! There are lots of brands of jeans for tall, thin men. I recommend Cinch jeans. The above pair is a relaxed fit, dark stonewash jeans with inseams in 34″, 36″, 38″, and 40″. Waist sizes start at 27″. They have a straight leg and mid-rise. (Please stay away from skinny jeans if you are an extra-tall man).
We’ve made it easy for you to find jeans for tall men over at Tall Clothing Mall as we have men’s jeans categorized by inseam lengths.

Jeans for Tall, Thin Men

One of the most popular brands of jeans for the tall, thin men continue to be Cinch Jeans. They offer many different cuts and rises as well as lengths in 34″- 38″ inseams. Waists sizes start at 27″. They are always a great price with all pairs of jeans under $57.
View all styles of Cinch Jeans at Sheplers.

Men’s Tall Cinch Jeans – Up to 38" Inseam

Sheplers has all of their men’s Cinch Jeans on sale. Cinch jeans are perfect for the tall and thin man as they have waists from 27″-44″ in 34-38″ inseam lengths. Choose your cut and fit, but get them while they are on sale!