Martha Stewart Tall Show Recap

For those of you who may have missed the “Martha Stewart Tall Show”, here is a recap.

  • Arianne Cohen, the author of “The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life From On High” discussed advantages tall people have such as, on average earning more than co-workers. She also claimed that people around the world have the same height potential, but that good nuturition and health can help you be taller. I’m not sure if I entirely agree with her height nutrition claims, but I haven’t done enough research. It seems to be genetics in my family.
    Check out the website next time you are traveling. Fly on airlines that have at least 34″ between seats to allow more leg room.
  • Lisa Butcher of Long Tall Sally put on a women’s tall fashion show. To see the fashions featured on the show, click here.
  • Martha Stewart showed the butcher block kitchen counter we previously blogged about.
  • Alain Roby, a pastry chef, made a very tall cake.

I enjoyed the show, but would have liked to have more discussion with tall people and issues we face or advantages we enjoy! I would have loved to be there!
What did you think of the show?

Susan’s Tall Fashions

There is an eBay store called Susan’s Tall Fashions that seems to be an outlet for past seasons of Long Elegant Leg’s Clothing. If you love their clothing, this is the place to buy it at excellent prices.

Tall Boyfriend Jeans

Diary of a Tall Fashionista: Must have for tall women- Tall Boyfriend Jeans
by Tiffany DeLangie- fashion writer for Tall Clothing Mall
iconWomen: Women's Prps Barracuda Boyfriend Jeans
As a fashionista, I pride myself on noticing upcoming trends before they are…well trendy. But I must say, until I was seeing them everywhere, it never occurred to me to address the boyfriend jean. I myself like fitted jeans. Loose jeans give me flashbacks to my tomboy days, when I wore insanely baggy jeans that completely enveloped my long, lanky frame and made me appear even taller and skinnier than I already was. While that may sound like a good thing, in high school, the goal was to fit in, not stand out as freakishly tall. As if that’s not enough the baggy jeans trend also reminds me of a time I was forced to wear men’s jeans since finding women’s jeans that were long enough proved to be impossible. Ok, sorry to drag you into my pathetic “wonder years;” back to the trend at hand. I must say despite my unfavorable memories, the boyfriend jean trend is completely growing on me. Why? I’m glad you asked.Boyfriend jeans give that “I-just-threw-these-on-but-don’t-I-look-stylish-and-chic-without-even-trying?” look that we all desperately crave and ironically spend tons of time and effort trying to achieve. (Ok maybe not all of us but us authentic fashionistas can admit that at the very least, we have those moments). There’s nothing better than a simple garment that does most of the work for you. It makes it easy to figure out the rest of your look– be it casual or sexy or cool. I also love that boyfriend jeans look kind of tough. Those I love the most are cuffed and therefore still show some skin but look adorable with sneakers or even dressier shoes like kitten heels or mary janes. See how easy it is to pull off a tough, yet sweet or a cool, eclectic, and modern look?

The other thing I love about boyfriend jeans is that they look great on tall women. Now the average woman might retort “what doesn’t?” But us tall gals know that some trends don’t live up to the ‘model’ hype and any that do are canceled out by the spiral of depression we whip ourselves into when we search and search and search and can’t find that long torso swimsuit (that we love and doesn’t cost us an arm and a leg), or a simple pair of tall (no, not 34 inch inseam, but TALL) maternity pants, or a maxi dress that actually reaches our ankles! Oops; is my frustration seeping through?! My point is, when a trend is compatible with height, I’m all about jumping on the bandwagon.

Because we have long legs, we don’t have to worry about cuffed boyfriend jeans cutting us off at that awkward place on our calves and making us look short and, well, boyish. We can wear boyfriend jeans and still look sexy as all get out. It’s that kind of “white tee shirt” look guys claim is even more alluring than when we gals get all dolled up. The other attribute of boyfriend jeans is that they tend to have a bit of a higher rise than typical jeans. With our long torsos, the additional inch or two in the rise helps to balance our tall frames. And have I mentioned yet that this is the perfect transition piece into fall? If you buy them soon, you’ll still have plenty of wear left before I’m starting articles cursing the weather instead of reliving my “wonder years.”

With all of this said, don’t let me sell you on boyfriend jeans…see for yourself! Just try a pair on and you’ll see that this is one trend worth shopping for.

Denim of Virtue Boyfriend Loose Fit Jean in Distressed GoldSign Lazy Boyfriend Jeans
View current styles of jeans.

Susan’s Tall Fashions – Now 25% off

I just got wind that Susan’s Tall Fashions on Ebay has now reduced all items 25% off. Most of her inventory is from previous seasons at Long Elegant Legs. So take advantage of this great deal. Shipping is a bit on the high side, but if you order more than one item be sure to request a combined invoice prior to paying and you may save yourself a bit of money by combining shipping charges.