Poppy Delevingne Style

It seems that Poppy Delevingne, a  5’10” tall British supermodel has fashion in her blood. After all her mom’s a personal shopper. If we could all be so lucky! But you are in luck today as I’m going to use this celebrity outfit as inspiration and create one in tall style:

poppy delevingne style inspiration tall

Free People – Embroidered TunicLiz Claiborne  – Tall White BlazerRevolt – Destructed Jeans 35″ or 37″ Inseam.

Ivanka Trump Sandals to size 12. Kendra Scott Necklace.   Michael Kors Retro Sunglasses.

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I’ll Make You a Tall Outfit – Send Your Requests

If you are not sure how to dress as a tall woman, or tall man, let me make you an outfit. Tell me your age, your size (both shirts and pants), your inseam, your approximate body shape. I also need to know the occassion you will be wearing it. Send all requests to krista@tallclothingmall.com. Please be patient as it may take a few days depending on how many are in front of you. Here is an example of one I created called “How to Pull Off the Safari Look When You Are Tall“. By the way, this is a free service I offer – because I am passionate about helping tall people look the best they can!

Womens Tall Clothing- 5 Simple Solutions

So what’s hot right now in the tall clothing department? Is there such a thing as being able to wear fashionable clothing when you are tall? I used to think that trendy tall clothing was impossible to find.

Over the last few years, many retailers are adding longer-length items, but good luck finding them in their normal stores in the mall! Most of the tall sizes are found only through catalogs or online. Here are a few great tall clothing solutions:

1. Layering- use a longer length t-shirt or camisole to wear under any shirt. There are many fashionable companies that supply these now.

2. Specialty tall clothing stores will be your best option- as they make clothing specifically to fit your body type, such as special tall plus size clothing, which is a really hard size to find.

3. Custom made clothing is another great option. That way you can get tall clothing made to your exact measurements for your tall stature. You may think that tall custom-made clothing is expensive, but surprisingly, it is quite an affordable option. Custom clothing is available for tall swimsuits, tall jeans, tall chinos, custom made shirts and blouses, and larger size hats.

4. Tunics are really hot this year, which is great news for the tall sized lady. Some tunics are just long enough to make it look like a normal sized shirt on us. Others are quite long. Tunics are available in all kinds of fabric choices from basic t-shirts to designer evening blouses.

5. A great tall style trend right now is to add something shiny to your outfit. A great wide silver belt or a pair of gold shoes is a great way to dress up an average outfit. Big metal hoops look great on taller statures.

When it comes to shopping, tall women may have to search a little longer than most. The good news is, that tall clothing finally exists and the choices are growing more every season.