Women’s Large Size Toile Rain Boots

I am really trying to figure out how to justify buying a pair of these toile rain boots. It’s not that the price is that is that bad. It’s just that I live in Colorado, a very dry state. It snows a lot, but rain is scarce. They are the most stylish rain boots I have ever seen. It you love them too, pick up a pair from BarefootTess.com. They come in women’s sizes 11-14. Too cute!

Women’s Large Rain Boots

I have looked for months to find rain boots that come in sizes larger than size 10. I have had many readers that want them. Today the search is over. Barefoot Tess has come through again with several pairs of large sized rain boots. They come in women’s sizes 11-14. Make sure you enter coupon code: TALLWOMEN15 to get a 15% discount available to readers of my blog and website.

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