Tall Personal Shopper: Mens Long Rise Jeans

Here is the latest Personal Shopper Request:“Krista, I stumbled across your website after learning today that Lands’ End no longer offers the men’s long-rise jeans and plain front chinos that I have been buying for my husband for at least 20 years.
I’m hoping you can help me find long-rise jeans and/or chinos in size 35″ (or 36″) waist and 33″ inseam. My husband is 69 years old, 6’4″ tall and weighs about 160 lbs. He has a long torso, thus the need for the long-rise. He prefers his jeans in medium to dark blue colors, and is not fond of “distressed” denim with the bleached-in wear marks. We have been spending $50 to $70 for his pants at Lands End, but would spend more if necessary. He lives most of his life in jeans or chinos, so I will be very grateful for any suggestions.
Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.  – Jackie”Jackie,It’s extremely frustrating when a product you have been using for years, suddenly is discontinued.  I feel your pain. I had been purchasing custom made women’s dress shirts from Lands’ End and suddenly one day, they quit selling them.
I think you will find good luck with the following items from Eddie Bauer. You will have to go up to a 36″ waist.

Eddie Bauer – Classic Fit Wrinkle Free Casual Chino Pants – Long Rise, 36″ Waist, Choose with our without cuffs and you can get them in a 33″ inseam.

Eddie Bauer’s Jeans come in set inseams and 33″ are not available. In case a 34″ can work, I recommend:

Another option would be to create a pair of custom made jeans.
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