Men’s Slim Fitting Tall Dress Shirts: Tall Personal Shopper

Client: Carl, a tall man who is having a hard time finding slim and modern fitting tall dress shirts that fit his neck and arms without being too baggy in the chest area.

Wants:  Dress Shirts in size Chest 40 – 42, Neck 17.5, Sleeve 36 / 37, Slim / Modern fit

Budget: Prefers under $50 but could go as high as $100.

One idea is to get a custom made dress shirt from Blank Label. Their custom shirts start at $85.
To get proper measurements, you can either visit a tailor, or you can lay down a shirt that fits you well on a flat surface and take your measurements. Then you can easily enter them on their website.

men's tall dress shirts custom madeThis blue stripe shirt is $90.

Ready Made Shirts:

windowpane men's tall dress shirtLand’s End Tailored Shirts  in various colors.

My son has a 16″ neck, but just this past weekend, we had to have a dress shirt for a band competition. We ended up having to get one with a 17.5″ neck to fit his 36″ arms.  Here is the shirt we purchased.  It has a bit of stretch and feels nice:

alfani slim tall dress shirt

Alfani Spectrum Dress Shirt – Slim Fit, various colors with sleeves 36-37″ sleeves.
Not all of them listed have long enough sleeves.
Here’s some similar colors with the same brand.

troundtree and yorke tall purple dress shirt

Roundtree & Yorke Dress Shirts in purple, navy stripe.

paul frederick men's tall dress shirt

Paul Frederick has many style you may like such as the above
Turquoise Stripe Trim Fit Dress Shirt (item #DSH359B)

I hope I’ve given you some good slim fitting options. Thanks for reaching out for personal shopper help!

owner tall clothing mall


Tall Personal Shopper: Mens Long Rise Jeans

Here is the latest Personal Shopper Request:“Krista, I stumbled across your website after learning today that Lands’ End no longer offers the men’s long-rise jeans and plain front chinos that I have been buying for my husband for at least 20 years.
I’m hoping you can help me find long-rise jeans and/or chinos in size 35″ (or 36″) waist and 33″ inseam. My husband is 69 years old, 6’4″ tall and weighs about 160 lbs. He has a long torso, thus the need for the long-rise. He prefers his jeans in medium to dark blue colors, and is not fond of “distressed” denim with the bleached-in wear marks. We have been spending $50 to $70 for his pants at Lands End, but would spend more if necessary. He lives most of his life in jeans or chinos, so I will be very grateful for any suggestions.
Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.  – Jackie”Jackie,It’s extremely frustrating when a product you have been using for years, suddenly is discontinued.  I feel your pain. I had been purchasing custom made women’s dress shirts from Lands’ End and suddenly one day, they quit selling them.
I think you will find good luck with the following items from Eddie Bauer. You will have to go up to a 36″ waist.

Eddie Bauer – Classic Fit Wrinkle Free Casual Chino Pants – Long Rise, 36″ Waist, Choose with our without cuffs and you can get them in a 33″ inseam.

Eddie Bauer’s Jeans come in set inseams and 33″ are not available. In case a 34″ can work, I recommend:

Another option would be to create a pair of custom made jeans.

Tall Personal Shopper: Tall Teen Guy With Athletic Thighs

I received a personal shopper request from Jim, He is trying to find some items for his 16 year old son who is 6’8″ tall. His waist is 34″ and inseam is 38″ with leg opening of 20″ or more. He wears a size 17 shoe (the reason for leg opening size). Items needed are mens pants in causal and dressy style and jeans in relaxed fit. His thigh muscles are large.
Tall Personal Shoppper Help:
The good news is that we have special sections of men’s tall jeans and pants categorized by inseam length. We are constantly updating these sections.

Based on what you have asked for here are some hand picked items I would like to recommend:

If you want the perfect fit, you may consider getting a pair of custom made jeans with your son’s measurements.

For ready made jeans:

Popular among teen, Buckle’s Seth Jeans in loose style with your size and a 20″ leg opening. Here’s the same style with a medium wash.

Classic style Eddie Bauer’s loose fit 5 pocket jeans are also available with a long-rise which is good for most tall guys.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Levi’s jeans. I had Rochester Clothing measure the leg opening of this pair of Levi’s 550’s in relaxed and the leg opening is 20″. They have a 90 day return policy.

Rochester Clothing also measured the leg opening on this pair of Levi’s Open Rigid-Welder jeans and the leg opening is 20″.

Casual or Dressy Pants

I’m not having much luck with a 34″ waist in casual or dressy pants with a wide leg opening. The widest legs I can find in your size is the following 2 pairs. They both measure 18″ wide at the opening.

Rochester Clothing No Wrinkle Flat-Frong Twill Pants – more of a casual style. They are almost sold out.

Rochester Clothing No Wrinkle Pleated Twill Trousers – a dressier heavier weight style.
I hope this has helped you in your search to help your tall, teen son look stylish. My tall personal shopper service  is a free service. If you need, help be sure and submit all required info before sending me an email.

Tall Personal Shopper: Mens Tall Shawl Collar Cardigan

I received an email request for help from a lady I will refer to as Nancy. I have changed her name as she wants help finding a gift for her husband. (Sneaky aren’t I? ) Anyway, Nancy is looking for a quality, wool or cashmere shawl collar cardigan with buttons in a size XLT or 2XLT. She prefers charoal, brown, black or navy.
Shawl collars are kind of hard to find this year. However, I believe I’ve come up with a few quality options.

Joseph Abboud Shawl Collar Tall Cardigan in size 2XLT. Sale $99 (save 50%)
Paul & Shark Shawl Collar TallCardigan in 2XLT. Sale $348 (save 50%)
Banana Republic Cableknit Tall Cardigan
Our tall personal shopper service is free. If you need help finding something special, please submit all required info.