Women’s Workout Pants with Pockets

How is everyone doing? Are we surviving quarantine? I hope you are are all safe and healthy. I was so sad to hear that Long Tall Sally is closing. It truly has broken my heart.

Since we have started crazy quarantine, so many things have changed. A big one for me is that my travel agency has suffered great losses and that has resulted in me moving my office from a storefront to a home office. As a result, there is rarely a day I need to dress up – or get dressed at all. 🙁

I have stumbled across the most comfy workout pants and I love them so much and wear them most days. They hold their shape and the bonus is that they have side pockets. Now that I’ve taken over the daily chore of taking the “duppypog” on long walks, the side pockets are necessary for holding my phone on one side and an empty poop bag for cleaning up the pooches mess. They come in 3/4 to 7/8 lengths. I’m not worried about them being full length. I am about a size 16 so the plus size works well for me.

women's workout pants with pockets

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