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I am trying to buy a gift for a man 45 years old. Custom Home Builder so he wears mostly jeans, t-shirts, long sleeved dress shirts. He likes Nike and sporty type casual clothes. His waist is 34, sleeve length 37/38. All long sleeve pullovers, sweatshirts tend to be shorter on sleeve length or too big around the waist. He is 45 and youthful. I wanted to buy a coat maybe leather, fitted at least not baggy and the right sleeve length. Sweatshirts and pullovers. He always looks nice and put together but it is getting colder and he will not wear long sleeves because he cannot find them long enough without a big baggy waist.

He is:


34 waist

37 or 38 inseam -length I think
Sleeves 37/38

Any ideas?

Tall Personal Shopping: Tall, Slim & Athletic

My son is 18 and he’s 6’4 but only 175. He has a 32”waist but feels like pants that are 36” inseam are “too short.” We are looking for pants that are 32×38”. He is an athlete and likes slim fit. He is also looking for shorts that will cover his knees and shirts/ sweatshirts that are long (and have long arms) without being for someone twice his weight. Any suggestions for a young, athletic kid who is tall but not big? Thanks.  Here is a photo of him.  He plays football, now has dreds and doesn’t want “dorky old man clothes.”  He likes the Hundreds and Crooks and Castles and similar brands.  He prefers slim fit jeans.