Layering Shirts for Tall Women

Every tall woman needs some great long layering shirts. These are usually made of t-shirt fabric and can be long sleeved or shirt sleeves. These are great for wearing alone or underneath any item of clothing that may be slightly too short, such as a sweater or a blazer. Layering shirts are what allows tall women to extend our wardrobe choices into regular size items we love when tall sizes are not available. These shirts should be long enough that they can stretch to the bottom of our hips, and yet can be scrunched up to a shorter length if desired. These layering shirts can be plain or have a row of lace as a bottom hem. Either one is fine. I recommend you
purchase one in black, and white and if your budget affords a couple of brighter colors that you love.

Old Navy sells  v-neck layering camis in tall sizes and available in many colors.


I came across a product that is extremely helpful for tall girls.  I discovered “the hip t”.  Invented by 2 moms that were sick of their panties peeking out from under their jeans. They created a band of t-shirt material to go around the waist. It fits over your jeans and under your shirts. It is similar to “Bella bands” which are worn by pregnant women. You will love having the coverage without the extra heat or bulk of having to wear a full shirt.

Another place for women’s layering shirts is at Target.

Eddie Bauer also sells layering shirts for tall women in long sleeves, shorts sleeves and camis.

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