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Tall Clothing Mall is a great resource for tall men and tall or plus size women looking for clothing, shoes and accessories. If you are a hard to fit size and are having trouble finding that special clothing item, let us do all the work for you. We can put together some great ideas of clothing in your size by using our tall personal shopping service.

This is a free service that we offer! Tell us a detailed explanation of what you are looking for with your size, height, budget and approximate age and we will put together a free, personalized web page with recommendations that you can buy if you want. We love giving out recommendations!

You will not need to travel anywhere to get your items as these choices are found online and you only buy the ones you love. We can find items in any price range and often know of special sales, thus saving you money. We are also very fast and efficient as we are obsessed with tall clothing and the current trends.

To begin your tall personal shopper experience send an email with the detailed info above to admin@tallclothingmall.com

“With the very little information I provided, Krista couldn’t have come closer in choosing outfit options for me and my boyfriend. We both have trouble and find ourselves frustrated in traditional stores. But she honed in on our personal styles and gave us options that I would have picked for us myself. What a great service. I can’t thank you enough.”  – Tall Personal Shopper for a Tall Couple


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