The Big List of Womens Tall Clothing Basics

There are basic things that every tall woman needs in her tall clothing wardrobe. If you invest in quality pieces, you can wear these items for years to come and they won’t need to be changed with the passing trends. The following list will help tall woman put together a basic tall wardrobe for every occasion.

1. Great Pair of Every day Jeans – Every tall woman needs a pair of jeans that is figure flattering and long enough to wear with casual shoes or a slight heel. A slight low-cut jean in a boot cut is what I recommend. Also the darker the jean, the more slimming.

2. Dress up Trouser Jeans – These are to be worn for special occasions when you want to look extra hot. These will generally bit a bit more expensive than your regular jeans and you will consider them to be for special occasions. These should definitely be darker and look best in a wide leg or straight leg. Trouser jeans should have a polished look to them, including no rips or wear marks. Trouser jeans can have a great cuff, can have pockets or be pocket less and if you like have fun details such as leather logos or flap pocket, depending on your taste. These jeans should be considered great for casual office days as well as for a date night.

3. Tall Tailored Pant Suit in a Dark Color – You are best to choose a dark color and I recommend black as it is easier to match blacks than most other colors. The color black is a classic and will stand the test of time. Choose a suit out of a fabric that is smooth and easily maintains it’s shape. It should look good no matter the season. This suit should be easily worn to work or dinner parties.

4. Black Tall Trousers– are a must have item for tall women. These will be your go to pants for every occasion. They can easily be dressed up or down. They should be wrinkle-free and made from a nice fabric. I recommend a boot-cut pant or a straight leg tall trouser. The rise on these tall trousers should fit slightly below the waist.

5. Khaki Pants – Tall Khaki pants are a necessity for every tall woman. They can be worn in casual offices and are great for traveling, or every day wear. Khaki pants help you maintain a polished look without over doing it.

6. Long Layering Shirts– Every tall woman needs some great long layering shirts. These are usually made of t-shirt fabric and can be long sleeved or shirt sleeves. These are great for wearing alone or underneath any item of clothing that may be slightly too short, such as a sweater or a blazer. Layering shirts are what allows tall women to extend our wardrobe choices into regular size items we love when tall sizes are not available. These shirts should be long enough that they can stretch to the bottom of our hips, and yet can be scrunched up to a shorter length if desired. These layering shirts can be plain or have a row of lace as a bottom hem. Either one is fine. I recommend you purchase one in black, and white and if your budget affords a couple of brighter colors that you love.

7. Black Boots with a slight heel – Many tall women tend to shy away from shoes with heels. However nothing will help you look better than a black boot with a slight heel. Now, I’m not talking about adding inches here, just a slight heel with a maximum of 2″. The heel will give you a great leg line, make you stand straighter and overall helps you appear more put together. We recommend a knee length black boot as you can wear it with trousers, jeans and knee length skirts. These should be made from leather and be clean with not too many details so they will look great for many years.

8. Black Leather Pumps are so versatile as you can wear them to work or a wedding. Many tall women have larger feet and pointy shoes only accentuate the shoe size, so I would avoid shoes that are too pointy shoes, but rather choose a slightly rounded toe instead. A one to two inch heel is the perfect heel height for a tall woman.

9. A Pair of Stunning Shoes – What I mean by stunning shoes is one that will turn heads. These are usually sexy with a small heel and are dressy shoes. These can be bright colored, shiny, fabric printed, whatever you like. Have fun with these shoes without going overboard as you want it to match most of your neutral colors, but add a touch of your personality.

10. Black Dress– A little black dress is sometimes hard to find for a tall woman. I recommend you buy a quality little black dress with a length slightly above the knee or slightly below. This is a basic dress, not overly sexy. The accessories you wear with the dress will really change the whole look of it. Layer a cardigan over it, or wear alone with silver jewelry or pearls. Have fun with this dress, but find one made from a quality material with short sleeves or without sleeves.

11. A Nice Skirt – This skirt should be fun and can easily be worn with most of your sweaters or tops. You might try one with a bit of stretch. Choose one that flatters your figure like a pencil skirt, a longer straight skirt or one with a bit of flounce at the bottom. The style of this skirt is up to your own interpretation of one you love.

12. Trendy Jacket – Tall women, please invest in a great trendy jacket that you love. This might be your splurge item. Find one that you can envision wearing often. This should fit your body shape well. For a tall woman, you want the length to hit you either at your hip or slightly below your waist. If it is too short, it will make you look disproportioned. This jacket can be made of denim, wool, leather or whatever else you desire. Just make sure it fits well, and the fabric keeps it’s shape easily. Also choose a jacket that can easily be worn with sweaters, shells, layering t-shirts or blouses and with the right top underneath you can wear it to work or casual occasions.

13. Dressy Evening Top or Shell – Every woman needs a dressy evening top that you can wear alone or under a jacket or blazer. We recommend one with short sleeves as you will get more mileage out of it. This dressy evening top can be worn to weddings, social occasions, business meetings and more.

14. Dressy Coat – Every woman needs a dressy coat. I recommend a long wool coat hitting your hip to mid thigh if you can find them. I know sometimes tall sizes are limited, but a longer length coat will really make you look professional and can be worn with just about anything in your wardrobe. Solid colors are always more versatile as this item will be with you for many years.

15. Trench Coat– A trench coat is a great idea for every tall woman. This will be your go to jacket for business travel, the office or for pleasure. This jacket should be waterproof as you will slip it on during rainy weather, but not be too hot as you will want this jacket year round.

16. Large Purse– Tall Women look much better with a big purse as a small purse will draw attention to your size. I recommend a nice leather purse in a darker color such as black as it will go with most of your basic items. If you prefer get one with some nice details like an embossed leather print, nail head tacks, or big pockets with metal buckles.

17. Large Accessories– After you get the basics, have fun getting some great accessories. Remember that larger is better. Big silver hoops, a long strand of pearls that can looped several times, a long necklaces and beautiful scarves are some suggestions to mix and match in your wardrobe and make it more fun.
As your budget allows and after you have purchased the basic items, add some fun blouses, t-shirts and sweaters that you love. Add one new item each season that is trendy and goes well with your basic items. Don’t spend a lot of money on these items as these will be the items that change often with the trends.