7 Things You Should Never Ask Tall People

I’m really getting quite disgusted with all of the bad manners I am seeing everywhere! It’s really not okay to ask someone any weird thing that just pops into your mind. Really!  Let’s use some judgement people! Today’s P.S.A. is for all of the height challenged people out there. We know that most of you are just curious, but some of  you are just plain rude! Never ask these questions to tall people!

no i don't play basketball{Credit}

  1. Do you play basketball?  No, do you play mini-golf?
  2. How’s the weather up there? It’s raining (as I spit down on you)
  3. Why are you so tall?  – Uh, God made me this way!
  4. Have you always been tall? – I’m pretty much sure most tall people started out as normal sized embryos.
  5. How tall are you?  This is just bad manners.  We don’t ask you “how short are you?”
  6. Are your parents tall? No they are midgets, I was adopted.
  7. How big are your feet?   How big is your butt? Never discuss bodily sizes with anyone.

That is all! And if all else fails, remember this:

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