Women’s Tall Workout Pants

Many tall workout pants are now made with great fabrics. Some of these fabrics draw moisture away from the body keeping you dry throughout your workout. Look for summer and winter weight fabrics and a dazzling array of colors new to the markets. Some great fabric choices for tall workout pants include velour, jersey, fleece, terry, and spandex. Also, look for more organic materials now with many retailers promoting eco-friendly products. 

under armour tall workout pants

35.5″ Inseam Under Armour

Lululemon – sells womens tall workout pants in 34″ – 35.5″ Inseam lengths.

Most tall workout pants are only found on the Internet, as many of the regular stores do not stock tall sizes. Now that there are new choices in women’s tall workout pants, go grab a pair, do something good for your body, and look great doing it!

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